Alberta's debt on debtclock.ca is represented as "Liabilities for capital projects" plus "Direct borrowing for the Fiscal Plan."

This can be found on page 141 of the 2018 Alberta Budget:https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/8beb5614-43ff-4c01-8d3b-f1057c24c50b/resource/68283b86-c086-4b36-a159-600bcac3bc57/download/2018-21-fiscal-plan.pdf

These figures have been updated to reflect the government's third-quarter budget update. That update can be found here: https://open.alberta.ca/dataset/9c81a5a7-cdf1-49ad-a923-d1ecb42944e4/resource/a0f104f4-75a6-4d7e-8e52-dbad812c3941/download/2018-19-3rd-quarter-report-fiscal-update.pdf

The debt is currently increasing at a rate of $483 per second, increasing by $15.2 billion in 2018-19.